Today, very few people are without a smartphone. We use our phones constantly, but sometimes, you have to be a technical genius of sorts to discover all of the features build into today’s portable tech devices.

11. 10 tips everyone with a smartphone should know…The sixth one is incredible.

Developments in technology are progressing rapidly, and we can’t imagine what new ideas are headed our way. We’ve created a list of some things to help us of us ensure we’re all taking advantage of everything our smartphones have to offer.

Jump to the following page to see these 10 tips! The sixth one is a bit over the top. Do you know it? 

10. Locked screen

Most smartphone users frequently lock their phones to prevent having their personal information or data stolen, or to conceal private conversations from any nearby snoopers. Unfortunately, if the device were lost, it’s hard to determine who the owner is. Put your contact information on the lock-screen, and voila!

9. Quick Charge

While our phones charge, most people wait and watch the the time, but there’s a trick that can save you the next time you need your battery to charge faster. For a quick charge, switch your phone into airplane mode.

8. Preserving your battery

To preserve your battery, it’s best to disable the applications and functions when you’re not using them. For GPS or navigation apps, you can take screenshots and rely on those instead. In case you forget your charger, you can charge your phone with any device equipped with a USB port.

7. Charing your battery on the road

If you discover you’ve forgotten your charger at home long after you’ve left, search for a computer, television, or any other electronic device nearby. Numerous devices are now equipped with USB ports, so you can charge your phones with them.

6. Bad reception

If you run into an area with bad reception, switch to airplane mode before activating normal mode again.

5. For your morning wakeup call

If the alarm on your device isn’t loud enough to wake you up in the morning, place your phone in a cup before you go to sleep and activate silent or night mode.

4. Practical Support

To watch a movie with your device without using your hands, place your phone on top of your sunglasses for extra support.

3. Hiding spot

To store money or your credit card, remember to hide those items inside of your laptop.

2. In the dark

To find your phone in the dark, Pour retrouver votre portable dans l’obscurité, consider placing fluorescent stickers on your device.

1. Protecting your charger cable

An ingenious solution for getting rid of these broken chargers is to use a ballpoint pen. Unscrew and remove the spring, and place it at the end of the wire.