15 pictures that really show that the beard can change a man! What is your favorite?

Beards have a powerful effect on people. Studies have shown that they can even make men more attractive and virile than those who do not. There is also evidence that a beard can protect the face of certain bacteria.

Not to mention that they sometimes completely transform the appearance of a man.

1. Adding a few years to your look can be a good thing

2. Before he was beautiful, now he is perfect

3. Before, we could not even know that he was red head

4. He even got rid of glasses, like Superman

5. It sometimes takes little to transform a man

6. This man started from scratch

7. This man’s beard even gives him a tanned complexion

8. This man’s beard makes him look taller

9. Transformation

10. We see that it has gone from featherweight to heavyweight

11. Whatever his age, he is really handsome with a beard