Here are the 20 craziest cats who think they’re ninja… Wait till you see picture number 15… You what’s your favorite picture?

The ancient Japanese martial art of Ninjutsu may be forgotten today, but modern cats still carry the Ninja’s torch, their ability to hide in truly unexpected and surprising places is unprecedented.

If you too have a picture of a cat that clearly has stealthy and vicious ninja blood in its veins, we’d like to see it.

For you in this series of cat pictures what is the craziest ninja cat for you?

Here is the first cat of the ranking..The perfect camouflage…or almost

Black on black! He’s a smart cat.

Find me… if you can.

ha ha ha I’m a ninja… Good luck finding myself among my friends

Uh, I need some help here.

Well, it wasn’t planned for me to get stuck here

We’re having a pool game.

The perfect trio, right?

I’m almost invisible….

Good luck finding me! I’m the world champion in hide-and-seek

I’m watching you.

Don’t rely on appearances I do karate myself

Can you see me?

All right, well, I’m not the best at hide-and-seek.

the best cookie stealing cat in the world

I challenge you to do the same.

call me spider cats

Surprise….I’m here!!!!!

No!!! You won’t eat

Find the error…