Top 20 kids who play hide and seek! Photo number 16 is our favorite and you?

The game of hide and seek is the favorite pastime of children. We seek each other before meeting and laughing together. The question is whether our dear toddlers have understood the issue. 

Indeed, hiding means that the person who is searching must not find you during the time allotted. 

Eh yes ! Not all children are good at playing hide and seek. 

They know that you have to hide, but they do it only partially. The result is not what you want. But, it’s not a big deal because we always have fun and that’s the point. 

Since the goal of a game is to laugh well above all else, the ultimate goal is to burst out laughing together. So, too bad for the rules if they are not respected. 

It’s so adorable to see these kids doing a lot or little effort trying to hide. 

Enjoy these sweet moments and do the same with the children of the family, you will see if they like this game. 

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1. Good! we’ll do better next time

2. No! close your eyes is not enough

3. Ah! yes, but that’s not it yet

4. The attempt failed

5. Well found! but still progress to make

6. Poor girl! She can not

7. More efforts! Maybe someday ?

8. Good inspiration! Unfortunately, it’s missed

9. Found and the cat with his tail too

10. Yes! but the head exceeds

11. No! the whole body must be hidden!

12. Be careful not to choke under this heavy cushion

13. Ah! no ! This is cheating !

14. We see the rest! Not done well!

15. Oh yes! but you have grown since the last game

16. There! frankly ! It’s pure laziness!

17. Yes, it is well hidden, but there is some way

18. Well the bedspread, but it does not cover everything

19. Help him! he can not

20. It’s almost perfect! Almost !