TOP of the 18 French food customs that still surprise Americans as much as ever… Especially the number 12… For you what surprises you the most?

France is a country where times were changing rapidly, it has seen the palaces of kings and poverty, growth and impetuous fall. It was completely destroyed and rebuilt.

She dictates fashion, she has introduced great men to the world. All this proves that France can boast about everything that is unique in the history, architecture and art of this country, but some French food customs still intrigue many people in different countries.

In the United States for Americans here is the list of 18 French food customs that is still under debate. What surprises you the most in this top 18

1. Water at room temperature.

2. The cheese that smells bad.

The fact that the French eat blood-based sausages. Some blood sausage

3. eat snails


4. And also sea snails!

5. Drink hot coffee in summer.

6. Fruit for dessert.

7. Lunch breaks that last at least one hour.

8. The steak tartare.

9. The love of the French for flavoured syrups

10. Meals that last a long time

11. Store milk at room temperature

12. Buy fresh bread every day

13. The number of different cheeses.

14. And the number of bakeries

15. Restaurants that close one or two days a week.

16. Children who eat the same as adults

17. Drink your coffee and hot chocolate in a bowl