What would some famous people look like if we removed their main feature? The penultimate … it’s just never seen! Really very funny!

Many movie scenes have immortalized characters. These characters have become famous. Details like a hairstyle, an outfit, make all the difference … In fact, the magic of cinema contributes to the fame of an actor for a role.

But what happens if we remove these artifices that are so exciting and attract fans?

In reality, it depends on the actor and the hero he embodies, as well as the style of artifice.

In the case of Superman, removing a detail on the costume does not change much.

This is not the case for Spiderman. He becomes insignificant without his superhero glasses.

Touching the hairstyle makes a character less impressive, or less frightening.

Johnny Depp is totally transformed when touching his haircut in the Caribbean Pirate.

Hair color also helps to make an actor or actress, more present through his interpretation.

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Johnny Depp now looks like a real “hell’s angel”

Voldemort is more human with a nose and hair

Without artifice, the Joker becomes only a sinister clown

Only eyes remain crazy for Doc Brown Emmet Lathrop

Dumbledore has become more calm, more quiet

The character of Superman has lost none of his stature with uniform attire

Her hair color makes her wiser

This haircut does not detract from its charm

Spiderman without glasses is less impressive

Robert Englund becomes less scary with more classic wrinkles.